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Germans like to travel abroad with cash. 58 percent consider it a secure means of payment – according to a survey by the polling institute Populus. Thieves have an easy time with cash, however, with credit cards the risk of loss is limited to 150 dollars at worst. To be sure, travelers should take two different credit or checking cards with them, Fine Bank recommends. More commentary at

Pay and withdraw without fees

Withdraw four percent fees for money and up to two percent when paying: There are numerous fees for some credit cards. However, an analysis by Fine Bank has shown that there are cards that completely do without fees and sometimes do not charge an annual basic fee.

Foreign ATM operators often charge a withdrawal fee themselves. The card companies have no influence on this. However, there are banks that also reimburse this fee. An email to the bank after withdrawing is sufficient.

Liability for loss of credit card is limited

With credit cards, travelers can withdraw and pay money worldwide free of charge – without worry. However, they should not be careless with the card: “As long as the holidaymaker does not act negligently, in the worst case he pays 150 dollars, depending on the terms of the contract. In the event of negligence, for example if the card was left unattended, the customer may have to pay for the entire damage, ”says Inigo Wenner, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer at Fine Bank. In addition, the vacationer should block the credit card immediately in the event of loss and report it to the police. Only then will liability remain limited.

The safest way to travel is to combine a small sum of cash and several – or at least two – credit or checking cards. So travelers can always choose the payment method with the lowest fees and the holiday is not in danger if a card is lost.

Beware of dynamic currency translation

ATMs, restaurants and hotels are increasingly offering currency conversion as a service in non-euro countries. The card reader shows the amount to be paid directly in dollars. However, the bill can be expensive because it often involves a very unfavorable exchange rate. “Better pay in the local currency. Then the exchange rate is cheaper,” says Inigo Wenner.

Before starting, holidaymakers should check the credit limit on their card. If the limit is exhausted, it no longer works. The card can only be used again when the open bills have been paid. The PIN should be well memorized. More and more card readers are also requiring the security code to be entered on credit cards. A small emergency slip with account and card number and the number of the emergency call is also useful – but separate from your wallet.

Inform the bank about your holiday trip

Some holidaymakers have been suddenly blocked from credit cards. While this is annoying, it can be a helpful precaution on the part of the bank. For example, if money is withdrawn several times in a short time at remote locations, the bank suspects irregularities and does not allow further payments. For globetrotters who travel to numerous countries, it is therefore advisable to inform the bank about the holiday.

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Quick Credit Instant Payout Thu, 27 Feb 2020 01:19:06 +0000

It is rather a normal installment loan. The waiting time can be significantly reduced by our fast loan with immediate payment. The clickable credit is only available to those who maintain their payroll account with the savings bank. To get credit quickly, it’s easy from the couch today. If you’re in a hurry with a loan application, the instant payment loan is a great way to get the loan amount you need quickly.

Benefits of Instant Loans in Germany

Benefits of Instant Loans in Germany

The term instant loan or express loan stands for itself. If the change necessary for an acquisition does not occur, one can use an express loan or an express credit to finance the desired product or service. Compare our services here! Some cheap offers will not come back so quickly and then it would be unfortunate if you can not afford the product due to lack of funds and you might be able to pay more at a later date.

The instant loans can help in such a situation. Instead of going all the way to the house bank, you can claim a quick loan from the comfort of your own home. They will have enough funds available in very short periods of time; If you apply on the internet, you can assume that the loan will soon be in your account.

Compares all possible suggestions in advance so that you do not regret the choice. He researches for you and compiles the cheapest offers. For loan offers please go to the respective house bank and fill in the loan application. After that, all you need to do is provide the information required by the house bank before the house bank contacts you and approves the loan.

Take out instant loan

Take out instant loan

Taking out a loan as an instant loan means rapid accessibility for you. Note: The term Instant Loan is not a special term from the financial sector but lenders to advertise their credit offers with the term Instant Loan. Therefore, the term immediate credit is different because similar terms such as credit or cash balance are used.

With these loans, the loan commitment is carried out either directly after the collection of the required information on the Internet or within a few working hours. Because the benefit of an instant loan lies in the quick processing of the loan application, one should not overlook the dangers of repaying a loan and reimburse multiple offers through a loan comparison.

For small amounts, it is advisable to inquire about the overdraft and, if necessary, to invest with a framework loan in the short term, without lending itself in the long term with a loan to a loan agreement. 

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Loans without questions Wed, 05 Feb 2020 01:18:14 +0000

Many first apply to their house bank for a loan because it is convenient. You know the clerk, have your checking account there and handle all financial transactions through the bank. Apart from the fact that there is a risk of paying higher interest rates, many find it rather uncomfortable to talk to the bank advisor, because this is where the reason for the loan is asked. If you want to avoid this, you should use the offers of the internet banks to avoid unpleasant questions.

The purpose of usage

The purpose of usage

The house banks, no matter what they are, always ask in a personal conversation what purpose the loan should be used for. It is quite possible that a loan will only be rejected for this reason. It happens very rarely, but it does happen. Loans without a question are only available on the Internet. As a rule, an online loan application is not asked for the purpose. This saves applicants from having to answer annoying questions.

Save money with online loans

Save money with online loans

Choosing an online bank has other advantages too: the conditions. Interest rates are at a lower level than at the house banks. In addition, online banks offer better payment methods. In plain language this means that there is the possibility of a break in payment, which is not the case with house banks.

Online banks also offer the option of free special repayment. This means that they waive early repayment penalties if a loan is repaid early. For the reasons mentioned above, there is a lot to be said for opting for loans from an internet bank without any questions.

It is not possible without Credit Bureau

It is not possible without Credit Bureau

Loans without questions do not mean that the creditworthiness is not asked. In Germany, the applicant’s creditworthiness is always checked without exception, even with a regular income. When borrowing via the Internet, customers just don’t notice it. Loans without questions therefore do not mean that a credit check is not done.

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Credit card with instant confirmation Sat, 01 Feb 2020 01:35:57 +0000

A “real” credit card is the credit card with credit limit. With this credit card I managed to get an online balance with immediate confirmation. The story and my instructions on how to borrow money quickly and easily with a suitable credit card! The following overview shows selected credit cards with the possibility to use them as revolving credit cards with real installment payments. We will explain the amount of the monthly installment to be paid for each credit card.

Apply for a credit card with instant confirmation: Tips & Tricks at a glance

Apply for a credit card with instant confirmation: Tips & Tricks at a glance

Everything is available on the internet today. Clothing, consumer electronics and food can be obtained via the Internet. The payment is made in most cases by credit card. In most cases, in conjunction with installment loans, cards are provided with immediate confirmation and can be obtained through the bank’s website.

In this article, we’ll explain what types of credit cards are available and how to redeem them. Consumers can apply for a credit card at almost all banks and credit institutions. It is the consistent continuation of the debit card and can thus be used anywhere in the world. But when it comes to choosing the right credit card, consumers should look at the different types of credit cards to find out “which credit card suits me.”

With the credit card you can pay quickly and easily.

With the credit card you can pay quickly and easily.

It is accepted worldwide in more than 200 countries, giving consumers plenty of room to maneuver. Cashless payment works the same for all cards. However, there may be differences in the amount of the credit limit, the fees and the additional credit card services.

For example, some cards are offered to earn award miles or to take out insurance. The choice of credit card depends on the card features. Visa cards and Mastercard credit cards can be used in Germany at more than 500,000 collection points. Also credit card fees can be crucial. Consumers should be aware in advance of the possible expenditure.

The credit card may also have a minimum monthly revenue in some countries. If you are looking for the right credit card, you can compare it. With such a comparison, consumers can already make their first wishes to get the right product. Differences in credit lines, fees and benefits can already be determined now.

For example, if the customer has a negative Credit Bureau, he is not eligible for a credit card model. Below is a short list of each card. The classic: This credit card has a fixed credit limit, which depends on the creditworthiness of the consumer. The better the credit limit, the better.

The credit limit is therefore always based on the income of the cardholder. Batch Card: This credit card also offers consumers a credit limit based on the cardholder’s income. Later, all invoices are merged by the bank and sent to the client. It is important that the credit limit of the credit card is not exceeded and that sufficient funds are available in the reference account to settle the bill.

Otherwise, consumers may fall into a debt trap. Consumers can also use it to bill and pay. The debit is, however, immediate, so that the customer should always have enough credit on his account. Over-indebtedness is not possible with this type of credit card. Consumers can withdraw and use cash with their bank card anywhere in the world.

Prepaid Credit Card: With this credit card, the customer must pre-book the money in order to use it. An overdraft on this credit card is therefore not possible. The “credit limit” is always based on the credit calculated by the client. In case of card loss, the consumer does not have to expect a nasty surprise. In this case, the credit card can only be used up to the sum of the charged account balance.

The virtual credit card: Virtual credit cards are also prepaid cards. Consumers are not credited and do not need Credit Bureau information. The consumer will never have an online credit card in hand because it is only practical. Conclusion: There is a wide range of different types of bank cards. The customer should therefore make a detailed credit card comparison in advance to choose the correct credit card.

The different types of credit cards should be known.

The different types of credit cards should be known.

Before applying for a virtual credit card, consumers should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards in general. The credit card allows consumers around the world to pay their bill or purchase. It is always important for consumers to know how credit card payments in the network are handled reliably and responsibly.

One of the biggest advantages of the credit card is that it can be used anywhere in the world. This allows our customers to withdraw cash and make purchases free of charge anywhere in the world. However, they are at home in more than 200 states. This means that not only in the Federal Republic but also in the international environment can be earned quickly.

The use of credit card in the network is very common. An interest-free loan exists between the house bank and the debtor until the loan amount has been deducted from the customer reference account. This applies to classic cards, debit cards as well as direct debit and prepaid credit cards.

Although the credit card offers many advantages, there are also some problems. Especially risky when using credit card is the fact that more is purchased than actually desired. The handling of the credit card should also be done consciously. We focus separately on this form of credit card. If you apply for a credit card with immediate approval, you should also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of such cards.

This is a prepaid card, but it does not exist in physical form, but only on the Internet. Because the credit card only exists on the Internet, it can not be stolen. Many providers can pay with a credit card, which ensures a quick and easy transaction.

This is a prepaid model so that consumers do not run the risk of getting into debt. 2. The administration of the credit card account is also possible – regardless of time. One of the disadvantages of the credit card is that it can not be used for payment in a store. That the credit card must be charged before use is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Because it can happen that it can not be used immediately, due to the lack of creditworthiness. Conclusion: There are many types of credit cards. For the credit card to be the best solution, consumers should also weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

Applying for a credit card with instant confirmation: how it works! If you want to request a virtual credit card, you need to find out which providers offer them. For example, there are many banks, such as the Norwegian Bank, which offer a credit card with which the Norwegian bank can gain experience, but this is not provided with an immediate confirmation. Net Bank provides an electronic credit card.

Here you can request a credit card with instant confirmation.

Here you can request a credit card with instant confirmation.

This allows consumers without the risk of overdraft to pay and shop on the Internet – all on a credit basis. You can conveniently redeem Agree Bank’s electronic credit card on the internet. The customer can choose when applying whether he uploads a specific motif or his own motive.

Afterwards, customers will soon be able to contribute their own experience with the Cream Bank credit card. Because it is a credit card on credit, the customer Credit Bureau is not achieved. It is available to the user after 24 hours. You can debit the credit card from any account in Germany.

The credit card costs 7.50 USD per year. Conclusion: The electronic credit card is not offered by too many providers. Therefore, consumers should carefully consider in advance which provider they would like to refer to the credit card. If you want to request a credit card with immediate confirmation, you must first clarify which providers offer this type of card.

Because there are not too many at the moment, consumers should make the right decisions for a credit card. As a rule, the credit card can be used after 24 hours. Consumers should always remember with a credit card that they can not use them in stores. Nevertheless, it can turn out to be a great opportunity in the online business.

Collect credit card experience today.

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Loans without Credit Bureau as Hartz 4 recipients Tue, 21 Jan 2020 01:20:13 +0000


It is not easy for a Hartz 4 receiver. It’s not just the stigmatization of society that weighs heavily on you, but also re-entering the job market is often more difficult than you think. However, the restrictions on financial freedom associated with Hartz 4 affect most recipients the most. If there are unforeseen expenses, it will often be difficult or even impossible to find the money yourself.

Loans without Credit Bureau as a Hartz 4 recipient – difficult, but not impossible

Loans without <a href=Credit Bureau as a Hartz 4 recipient – difficult, but not impossible” />

If you have to take out a loan as a Hartz 4 recipient to pay for repairs or purchases, it will be difficult. If you have a negative Credit Bureau entry, it seems almost impossible. No reputable bank will grant you a loan with these basic requirements. However, there are a few ways to get the money you need.

Loans without Credit Bureau as Hartz 4 recipients thanks to guarantors

Loans without Credit Bureau as Hartz 4 recipients thanks to guarantors

Since the award criteria of a bank preclude a Hartz 4 recipient as the sole borrower from the outset, you have to look for a guarantor. This guarantor is written into the loan agreement and is liable if the borrower defaults for the costs incurred and the remaining amounts of the loan. Therefore, if you want to apply for loans without Credit Bureau as a Hartz 4 recipient, you should look in your own friends and family for a solvent person who would be willing to join the loan as a guarantor.

The only important thing here is the creditworthiness and reputation of the guarantor. If the employee is a permanent employee and your own funds are sufficient, the loan application is usually approved without any problems. It should not be mentioned here that regular payment of the loan installments should be a matter of course. Finally, the friend or family member is liable for the debts incurred with his own assets.

Personal loan – Loans without Credit Bureau as Hartz 4 recipients possible without bank

Personal loan - Loans without Credit Bureau as Hartz 4 recipients possible without bank

However, if you have someone in your closer family or friends who not only earns very well, but also has a certain amount of savings, you can also turn to them with confidence. Because even lending money privately can serve as a way out of the current crisis. However, an informal loan agreement should still be concluded so that both sides have the necessary certainty that they will not be cheated. Trust is good, control is better. Friendship ends quickly, especially with money.

More options than expected

More options than expected

So you can see that it is far from impossible to get loans without Credit Bureau as a Hartz 4 recipient. You just have to show a little more effort and be ready to talk to your friends or family about your own financial problems.

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Loan Without Security Tue, 07 Jan 2020 01:08:25 +0000

Getting a loan with no security is actually a hopeless thing. Especially when you turn to one of the traditional banks in Germany. Despite all of this, there are loopholes and opportunities to take out a loan despite unfavorable conditions. You can find out how this works here:

As a borrower, you should definitely consider this

As a borrower, you should definitely consider this

The traditional credit institutions only grant a loan if you can offer sufficient collateral. Unsafe customers who have neither collateral nor an acceptable income are generally rejected. A loan without security is therefore not possible there.

In order to be able to take out such a loan in spite of everything, a look at the Internet is worthwhile. A number of providers have gathered there to grant a loan even if there is insufficient income or if Credit Bureau has saved negative entries. However, you have to be very careful here that you don’t get to a dubious provider who either has overpriced offers or who only wants to enrich yourself with a prepayment.

The best provider for a loan without security can therefore be found by comparing or evaluating the opinions of other users in forums.

These are the differences

These are the differences

Since lenders with almost no collateral on a loan without collateral that they can fall back on in the event of a default, they will offer their offers at a higher interest rate. For them, this income represents security and compensates for any failures. In addition, an instant loan is hardly possible because the money for the loan mostly comes from abroad.

In addition, one has to reckon with the fact that in such circumstances one can only take out a small loan and the large loan amounts have to wait until the financial situation has improved again and the conditions for a loan or loan are better again. Because then the regular offers of the banks and savings banks can be used again, all of which come with a low interest rate and extremely fair conditions.

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Mini loan 500 USD – instant loan online Thu, 26 Dec 2019 01:30:07 +0000

Mini-Credits up to 500 USD as a new customer! Now we go even one step further: From now on, loans are also possible from 200 dollars. You can now also apply for financing with a volume of eg 200 or 500 dollars. Within 24 hours we will show you which providers offer you a loan amount of 500 USD. Immediately 500 USD credit.

A mini loan, what is it?

A mini loan, what is it?

Often they only exist, those moments when everything seems to go wrong. There are mini-credits from 100 dollars to 600 dollars with a duration of 15, 30 or 60 days offered. After receiving your salary or payment, you can conveniently disburse your mini loan through IMMEDIATELY Banking.

A mini loan, what is it? The mini-loan is a short-term loan. This is often used to borrow small sums of money. As a rule, these are sums of up to $ 1,000 with a running time of 15 or 30 days. We know how unpleasant this can be and we are happy to assist you with our mini-credits.

You even have the opportunity to pay back your mini loan in two installments. How to get my 500 USD mini loan! Under these conditions, you can easily submit a mini loan application. If you want a mini loan of 500 USD, please look at our website. Use the knob to select the required value and duration.

Once you make your selection, you can also see exactly when you have to repay your money and how much you have in total. Do you want to rent 500 USD for 30 days? Then you pay only 3.15 dollars interest. There are mini-credits from 100 dollars to 600 dollars offered.

Our job is to offer you our services to your complete satisfaction. 95% of our customers rate our performance as very good and we get 4.7 out of 5 seals.

Credit 500 dollars

Credit 500 dollars

Occasionally one finds oneself in a situation, in which funds are absolutely necessary. With a loan of 500 dollars you can relax your situation considerably. In this way, you get a quick overview of the interest rate per provider. Mostly, 500 USD loans are due within one month. 2. The extension of time is sometimes subject to additional costs.

With a loan of 500 dollars with a contract period of 30 days you pay depending on the provider between 3 and 6 dollars interest. Make sure that you refund the amount owed within 30 – 60 days. If you feel the need to repay the money on time, you can take out a personal loan and repay it as part of the free special repayment, as soon as you have the necessary cash.

Of course, you can only get a personal loan if you comply with the creditworthiness requirements of the provider. Microcredits are usually paid out within a few days. The payment can also be made within one working day with additional services that are subject to charge. It is best to read the terms and conditions of the provider. If you need a loan amount of 500, – $ to overcome unforeseen financial problems, such small loans are a good way out.

If you want to repay another loan or buy a new TV, mini-loans are not the best choice due to their short maturities and high interest rates. Always remember whether a loan is the only way out of your situation. Often there are also design options with which the sums due can be paid in the coming calendar month.

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Loans without guarantor for the unemployed Sat, 07 Dec 2019 01:40:22 +0000

The good news right from the start: loans without a guarantee for the unemployed are possible. However, they are not as easy to approve as they are as simple as an official loan. Restrictions and overcome problems can be expected.

Loans without guarantor for the unemployed – can be approved if …

Loans without guarantor for the unemployed - can be approved if ...

Not every unemployment rate is assessed according to the same standards. In the weather-dependent industry, regular short-term unemployment is part of the job. No roofer can run like a quick squirrel over pointed roofs in snow and ice. The risk of an accident would be far too great. A bricklayer would not succeed in ground frost. During the cold season, unemployment is therefore inevitable in many trades. This is not a problem for the bank.

As sure as unemployment in winter, re-employment in spring and overtime in summer are as certain. A loan, be it as overdraft facility or installment loan, is therefore rarely a problem for the “men from construction”. If necessary, if the account is already too much in the red, then a property security is usually sufficient to secure credit.

Loans can only be approved if …

Loans can only be approved if ...

Unemployed people whose next job is not just waiting for better weather can continue to use credit to a limited extent. The house bank usually leaves the usual overdraft facility with ALG 1. Installment loans can unfortunately no longer be taken out without guarantee. Loans without guarantor for the unemployed are only possible as installment loans with a very short term and limited credit volume. In addition, the ALG 1 income must not be too low. The attachment exemption limits should be exceeded by this benefit.

In case of doubt, the clerk can request additional credit protection. An unencumbered real asset, for example the vehicle letter of the paid vehicle, is almost always sufficient. The maximum repayment period is related to the remaining duration of ALG 1. The loan must be paid no later than the day it could become ALG 2. With ALG 1, even without a specific job perspective, the credits of the senders remain possible. A clean Schufa and proof of income are almost always sufficient for this.

There are hardly any credit options for the unemployed if …

There are hardly any credit options for the unemployed if ...

The chances of getting loans for unemployed people without guaranties expire with the transition to ALG 2. In addition, the disposition can no longer be considered. Without guarantor, with ALG 2 no one is creditworthy at a normal financial institution within the relevant framework.

Larger savings and other possible loan collateral can also no longer secure a loan. Before receiving ALG 2, savings must be released and spent above a modest framework. Only then will ALG 2 be paid. Loans without guarantor for the unemployed can then only come from the pawnbroker or social institutions.

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Cars in Denmark – Find car loan here! Thu, 05 Dec 2019 20:37:26 +0000

In the transport area, the shared economy mindset is flourishing, and more Danish families continue to go from owning a car to simply having access to a vehicle when needed. For many, there is money to be saved by switching to a car-sharing scheme, but which scheme is right for you?

What is a shared car?

What is a shared car?

The car-sharing schemes act like private clubs, where several members are shared about access to a number of cars in their local area. In addition to the private car clubs, there are today a number of companies, as well as car rental companies that also offer share cars. But what is the difference really?

By taking advantage of one of the many offers of car parts in Denmark rather than owning your own car, you avoid the fixed costs of owning a car and you avoid any worries about loss of value and any workshop visits that can cost you dearly. in length.

Not only do you have unlimited access to most of the cars, several of the car-sharing schemes offer fixed parking spaces, so it is neither a problem to pick up nor drop off the car after you have used it. Thus, there is always a car nearby if you are going on a trip to IKEA, visit the mother-in-law or buy big.

That is how it works

As a member of a car-sharing scheme, you, together with several users, have access to selected cars that you do not own, but pay for in the form of a quota and/or per. km as well as for the time you use cars. In other words, you only pay for the time you use the car and thus do not pay to have a car standing that will not be driven.

To make use of the share cars, you sign up online, where you pay a registration fee and any deposit – and then you are in the process. You also book the shared car online and then pick up the car at an agreed location. Some companies also allow spontaneous pick-up of available cars.

The private clubs give their members a key piece for the car or a key for a key column located near the parking lot with the share cars. At the larger car companies, you typically open the car electronically, either through an app or with your membership card. After use, park the car again within an agreed area and lock it.

How much does a shared car cost?


For the private clubs, it costs somewhere between USD 2000 and USD 5000 to sign up due to high registration fees and security deposit, but then both the monthly quota and the rates for using the car are very low.

When it comes to the larger and more national car companies, the registration fee is somewhere between USD 200 and USD 950. Here the monthly quota is low or nonexistent, while the rates for using the car are significantly higher than is the case in the private clubs.

There is a big difference between which car-sharing scheme is best for you, depending on which and how many trips you expect to drive in the cars. All car-sharing schemes offer settlement per. In some of the schemes, it is also possible to rent cars per hour. day at a better hourly rate.


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